"The energy revolution is more than just generating energy"

Gabi Bloh


When your company’s DNA includes the realization of innovative, future-proof, sustainable energy projects, you also feel an obligation to look into the impacts of your actions.

The deanGruppe is therefore also interested in topics for which it does not directly have a business model yet.

Energy storage is certainly one example. After all, in the mid to long term, the use of electrical and physical storage will increase as the share of renewable energy continues to grow. Energy storage can compensate for natural fluctuations in the production of wind and solar power, thereby increase social acceptance of the energy transition.

Electric mobility based on renewable energy sources also offers tremendous financial, environmental, and societal opportunities along with the prospect of carbon-free mobility – a vision that drives us.

In the age of distributed power generation, classic power trading can also be used to open up new opportunities through innovations for renewable energy, thereby speeding up the energy transition.

For us as managers of a comprehensive portfolio of wind and solar farms, all three of these fields offer future prospects for the more efficient use of our generation capacity – and a way of making energy generation more sustainable. We are interested in working with others and in pilot projects. Contact us.