"Take advantage of our highly motivated, professional plant monitoring to benefit from our many years of experience."

Bernd Wodrich


In the commercial and technical management of projects entrusted to us, we leave nothing up to chance.

Our commercial services include reliable records of all data and results, which are collated for payments and accounting.
The results are then compared with the business plan. Ongoing contract management ensures optimal project management. Furthermore, shareholders are informed and their questions answered at meetings of the board and general assemblies.

The company’s technology center in Neustadt handles the technical management of all projects. State-of-the-art remote monitoring allows seamless records to be kept of all of the systems in the deanGruppe portfolio, and documentation is provided for all data and conditions. On-site, specially trained technicians regularly inspect facilities, perform maintenance work, and make repairs. We coordinate and assist third-party maintenance firms and auditors who make regular visits.